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Frequently Asked Questions & Tips

What can I expect during my visit?

First, we are excited to have you and we are happy you are taking your safety into your own hands! We anticipate that many participants coming to the classes have hesitancies and personal stories regarding firearm usage. We take this into account and try to create an environment that is personalized to your specific needs and education. For most classes we will begin with a powerpoint instruction followed by live-fire on an outdoor range. Our instructors take teaching seriously, but we also make a point to have fun while helping you during the course. Feel free to check out the course page or contact us for further questions you may have.

What should I bring to class?

Live-fire classes will be held outside and you will need to be prepared for the weather accordingly. Standard items needed during live-fire classes are:


-Specified ammunition listed for the course & for handgun



-At least two magazines

-Supportive belt

-Closed toe shoes

-Water & snacks

All items listed can be rented at Briggs Core Dynamics.

What safety measures do you have during classes?

Safety is one of our top priorities when conducting firearms training. We teach all individuals prior to class how to safely handle their firearm and be mindful of necessary handling rules. We also make sure to have multiple range safety officers (RSOs) at the range for each class as an extra safety measure. Our RSOs have a law enforcement background and are trained in combat medical techniques. Medical kits and radios are always kept on hand and emergency communication is planned prior to any live-fire at the range.

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